Major Problems with BMW M2 - Statistics of Complaints

Below you may see what BMW M2 model years had the most number of complaints over time. Though it does not necessarily mean that 2017, for instance, is the worst year for the M2. Older M2 vehicles tend to accumulate more problems over time, so you need to carefully explore the nature of the issues. Tap into specific years for more details.

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Worst BMW M2 Problems

2017 BMW M2 December 12, 2016

Backlighting on instrument cluster gauges does not meet sufficient contrast requirements. it's even worse when driving through shaded areas. tachometer and speedometer appear completely dark and unreadable. this could be an accessibility issue where certain drivers could have difficulty reading the gauge dials due to improper contrast. *tr

2018 BMW M2 February 15, 2019 Mileage: 19250 miles

For the last two years in every snowstorm, this has become a problem. the headlights become built up with snowpack and will not melt due to the efficiency of the led bulbs not producing enough heat. i've tried using the washer fluid sprayers every few minutes to stop build up, but all it does is keep the turn signal area clean, tested multiple different washer fluids as extreme as i can find, even mixing my own washer fluid up made of 50% methanol and 50% isopropyl alcohol. there is no fix for this problem, it is not ...

2017 BMW M2 October 4, 2016 Mileage: 1000 miles

The backlighting for the tachometer and speedometer becomes completely unreadable under soft daylight situations. an example of this would be driving through a wooded area in full daylight. it appears that this issue is created be two issues. first, the color of the background and lettering on the gauges themselves do not create enough contrasting. second, the ambient light sensor does not appear to pick up when this situation is happening and engage the backlighting for the console. this issue makes it very hard, or impossible, to determine speed at a quick glance and ...

What is the most common problem with BMW M2?

Overall the worst problem with BMW M2 relates to EXTERIOR LIGHTING problems. Browse the categories below to learn about the specific M2 years that are prone to issues with these components.


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